New Daily Quest for free keys

Pls add quests for starters to easily get some keys to progress


daily challenge easy

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Play the game.


you mean missions not game ?


You wrong

Then uninstall.

No i install it to see what is the happen in the game updates


I said im not uninstall the game

How to uninstall CIU : How To Install a Toilet - YouTube

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Then have fun!

Try Pot Luck in v118. (coming soon)
You’d get more keys doing that than doing other Daily Missions due to the full key gain you get from it.
(you spent nothing and get all the keys you got from it - you can only do this once though, and it doesn’t appear that often because there are other Daily Mission types out there)

Plus you get to try out new items and maybe find some favorites, and spend your earned keys on that.

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