NEW Chicken?

They added these chickens two months ago???

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Holy hell. Is that a new chicken were added to CIU? I didnt notice about this. Thanks for let me know :+1:



Wait a second, you won’t die if snowballs hit you?!


No, they just shake the screen and slow you down very briefly.


How many times do I have to tell you, don’t make topics for your vids.

maybe iA will add another type of chicken that throws fireballs at you, that’s just my guess


And maybe a chicken that can throw potions at you, who knows?


nice jok-_-

this my old video-_-

then why are you post it here

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it the funny video for this saund of gta sa

Its not even funny lmao bruh

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haha lol take a big block

why you not share your new videos?

uno reversed

learn how to joke when

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I hate the fact that some people can’t understand sarcasm.

wasn’t that added already? the orange bird that throws fireballs and when you get hit by the fireball you get instant overheat

He was being sarcastic. Of course they are already added.

i’m surprised at how some people take sarcastic replies seriously