New Chicken (crystal chicken)

I got a new idea about this chicken, it is a normal chicken but protected by a crystal layer in the CI5 version. Roughly it will look like this
(my photo editing skills are a bit bad :v)
In its normal state it won’t attack you but when you destroy its shield(crystal layer) it will deal area damage like poison chicken (it looks like this)
tải xuống
It will damage the area for a single time, then disappear (unlike the poison chicken that has a long damage ability)Then it will become a normal chicken
Yes and that’s my idea, I hope it will be added to the game :smiley:




Actually it would be better if it throw crystal arrows in 8-dimensions (like fat chicken)

Or like Crystal Man.

This could be better if, upon destruction, it shoots crystals in all directions. Since it doesn’t attack until the shield’s destroyed, the player has no reason to be near them, making the AOE damage pretty useless

Again, doesn’t seem distinct from fat/toxic chickens much.

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