New Bosses (ClawBot)

I) Clawbot

  • A silver Clawbot, who will constantly try to hover directly over you and fires two homing missiles from either side. This boss has two phases. In the first phase, the lower extended portion of the ship opens and a large laser blast is shot from the center. When this happens, you must begin to move out of the way or you will be hit by the lasers. Then the lower portion closes before opening again to repeat the pattern. After taking enough shots, the lower portion actually breaks off from the upper portion, freeing the upper portion to rapidly fire lasers at you whenever it’s above you. You must continue to pummel the upper portion with firepower in an effort to destroy it, while you avoid staying directly beneath it where the lasers can damage you. Meanwhile, the lower portion will slowly descend down the screen. Both sides can be shot at and destroyed independently, but you must evaluate whether that is a wise use of your time or not. On the Harder Difficulty they will shot faster and stronger
  • Type: Battle Ship
  • Built By: ???
  • HP: 590000 (Phase 1: 390000; Phase 2: 200000)
  • Weakness: Repeller (update plz), Corn Shotgun, Moron Railgun, Ridder, Vulcan Chaingun
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You should list the weapon groups instead of the weapons themselves. This means that either the other weapons in the groups these weapons belong to (organic, metal, hot) are also its weaknesses or the weapons mentioned were split off to new entirely different groups. The whole point of weapon groups is that they share the same weaknesses and strengths.


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