New bosses and story lines will make CIU far better

nearly all bosses in chicken invaders universe are from the previous chicken invaders’ episodes (sometimes a harder version). I don’t really want to play a game with repeats. it might be that this is just the beta and that’s why its like this and there might be many new once in works but if that is not the case then the game will become very boring. I think they should add a mini story line to each star system with a final boss in each star system (not as grand as the episodes but atleast something to look forward to) they could just continue expanding on that by releasing new star systems with new stories later after the game is released and wouldn’t need to release another episode ever again. this will just be a never ending story about destroying the henpire. right now the game has many new tactics and mechanics but lacks new bosses and a story and hence incentive. chicken invaders universe has great potential which will take the chicken invaders saga to a whole new level and I wouldn’t like to see that go to waste.


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I think your post is pretty insightful and expresses something a lot of the community is feeling right now. I especially agree with this bit:

There are a few new bosses in the works, but I agree that some more brand-new ones would be fun. There was a “Ninja Chicken” idea that nearly got added to one of the previous games - I think that would be cool to see.

However, about the “story” - unfortunately, to be as large as it is, CIU is procedural generated - meaning that the star systems are basically created by a computer. For a unique story to be generated for each system, the computer would have to be able to generate them - and computers tend to be pretty bad at good storytelling.

But that doesn’t mean more story couldn’t find it’s way into the game somehow. I think that a few pre-scripted quests could do wonders for the game (think like open world games). There might be, for example, a planet whose inhabitants need three special, randomly-generated items, and you have to explore other parts of that constellation to find them and bring them back (a bit like CI5’s story). I’d be surprised if something like this hadn’t been suggested elsewhere.


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