New Boss: Wither

In this boss have wear armor, before that it will scary laugh, after that spawn in the center screen by explosion

This boss zoom is 150% and here is attack:

  1. Neutrons: Wither will shoot 2 black neutrons, it’s performed every ~2 seconds. But will shoot more if you damage it (4 neutrons when 20% damage, 8 when 40% damage, 16 when 60% damage & 32 when 80% damage).
  2. Crystal Sword: it summons a huge black Crystal that mostly covers it from the bottom that goes to the bottom of the screen. This attack will be use when 40% damage.
  3. Lightning: it will shoot a lightning at you, Like 2nd attack, will be use when 60% damage
  4. Spread Beam: The final attack when 80% damage, it will fires multiple lasers at once. Black lights appear in place of the lasers before this happens to warn you.

Warning: It will make jump scare if you get closer. Thanks for reading


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do you want a minecraft boss in chicken invaders?


hmm look like this the wither?

and add chicken skulls attack to look like the minecraft wither :wink:

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chicken wither


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