New boss: The BloB

It’s a big green blob, as shown here:

It has the same amount of health as the Heart of Darkness (CI5)
This thing will move like a Yolk but pulling its debris at you

And then return its derbris.
This boss will gets smaller every damage the Hero dealt, and then disappear when it got defeated, dropping 3 keys from the sky


Isn’t this enemy like in every game already?

So, why not BloB?

Because it is already in so many games. And it’s not even related to chickens.


Do you have a reason for Heart of Darkness to exist in CI5?

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Sure - it’s big chicken’s heart.

And alien?

A blob made out of chickens .Uh I mean the chickens created a blob that has a chicken inside to control it

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Yes, the chicken made it, solved.
If it’s not related to chickens, Retro missions will call you

Blurb blurb blurb ( slime and blob sounds)

Change it to glaire, so it’s chicken related.

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I won’t because even Retro and Supernova is not chicken-related

Good idea, it could be like a green Heart of Darkness.

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The Bossa Nova looks like a blob (‘cause it’s made of plasma and plasma is gooey). And it even generates blurb sounds when it get hurt.

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Yeah, but it’s space related. Retro is related to something that inspired chicken invaders (but why did IA make it endgame mission nobody knows) and supernova is related to space. How is green slime related to any of that? It just doesn’t fit in.

It does because it’s chicken-made
and this is a GAME, no need to make it that logicial

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its seen wierd to me but ok this is good idea

Yeah. Let’s add my little ponies while we’re at it. They are robots made by chicken.

It’s not a robot, just a yolky bloby thingy by the chickens

best idea