New Boss Idea : Supreme Droid

I know this has been suggested before, this one is just another concept.

Let’s face it, Droid Raid is fun, and it’s boss (Iron Chef) is so entertaining.
However, it might get annoying and repetitive having to face Iron Chef in every droid raid mission, like c’mon even Retro Invaders Missions have 2 bosses.

So I decided to come up with a new boss idea.

I called the boss “Supreme Droid”

It looks like a supply droid, with a security droid’s siren and other decorations like red LED eyes, it also has 2 more quad engines.

It approaches the hero from the top like most bosses.

It has 3 attacks, the first one is called “Neutron Fire”, the boss shoots 3-9 neutrons 1-4 times depending on the difficulty.

The second attack is called “Security Alert”, the boss will call security droids to come and help it, they will approach from below the boss and they will keep heading to the bottom of the screen while shooting at you.

The third attack is called “Ultimate Food Spread” and it’s similar to Iron Chef’s spread attack, the only difference that it shoots about 3 spreads for the hero to find their way out of it.

The boss has 275,000 health and gives 300,000 score upon death.
It also drops 5 turkeys and a couple of coins similar to the Iron Chef.

It’s weak agaisnt Utensil Poker, Microgun, Boron Railgun.

I had other ideas for attacks like food-bubble rings surrounding the boss like Magnetic Manipulator but I thought more attacks would make the boss too complex.

This is my first boss idea so of course it might be dumb.

As always, tell me your opinions <3

  • Good Boss Concept (Tell us why)
  • Bad Boss Concept (Tell us why)

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Thanks for reading my post <3


Finaly, a good 2nd droid raid boss concept.

  1. It fits the droid asthetic.
  2. Not too simple, not too complex.
  3. It kinda is suposed to move around, right?
  4. Maybe redesing the look of the droid.
  5. Just realy likeable.
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And uh it does move, usually when it does it’s first and second attack

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Ahh! However, I couldn’t procrastinate from my idea of ​a droid boss but first come first served.
As for the design, I think it’s pretty good. (thought a little bit about changing the fruit attack to something more original).

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It would be good to finally have a secondary boss for droid raids instead of the continuous iron chef.

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This is a good idea. Man really have some nerves!

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How would you guys make those boss pictures with explaination like that? I wanna see it out!

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I mean, the final attack wasn’t totally stolen from Iron Chef, I had other ideas for the final attack but as I said before it’d be too complex.

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Just, get a good paint app.
I used paint.NET

Get a background for the image and give it a layer of it’s own, then add more layers for a spaceship, other for the boss, and it’s attacks etc.
I used different layers to decorate the boss like the police tape and siren lamp at the top, and the trio-quad engines.

It was my first time designing something like this, it’s not that hard.

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