New Boss Idea: It gets hot in space

An alternative version of the “It gets cold in space” boss.
He wears a hawaiian shirt with palm trees, sunglasses, has a cocktail in one hand and an umbrella or boombox in the other, also, slippers. Unlike the other boss he shoots eggs randomly to one of the 8 basic angels. Thats about it.

It Gets Hot In Space…
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So, what’s the difference between this and sweater chicken?

the attack is in cardinals and diagonals, i suggest its attacks to be BIG eggs, and fast without warning and aggresive (tries to crash you)

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Uhhhh It looks snazzy and has a different kind of attack

So you are suggesting a new texture , aren’t you ?

It has different attacks

I don’t really understand the attack

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same lmao

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he shoots the eggs either to a random horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Well, that’s the way I thought of it. Combined with the other guy’s idea it should be with big, fast eggs. I dunno about him being aggressive because the cold one already pisses me off with that enough

So instead of shooting many eggs in random direction, it shoots many eggs in defined direction? If that’s the only difference it’s just an easier resking of a sweater chicken.

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It would shoot more frequently and the eggs would be bigger

add this boss,please

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How many times do I have to tell you???

a few times,no more


Not creative idea .__.

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