New Boss Idea: Chicken Cloner

Yes, that’s final

I am severely bad when it comes to judge people’s words written on the Internet…

Not anymore

See for yourself

So you’ve just created 8 replies in a row instead of a single big reply? That effectively made people think this topic has a discussion because of a big new replies counter value.

Bombers can not be ignored as they are used widely. Every mission should be possible to do with bomber without additional equipment. Maybe hard, but not impossible.


That’s why I had to rewrite the previous idea itself from scratch…

Also, what do you think of Chicken Cloner?


I made a completely new idea from scratch and replaced the flawed one.
Therefore, no guaranteed death for bombers (I just hope so)

Probably should’ve just made a new topic for Chicken Cloner actually

Well, I could…

But I didn’t want that flawed idea (that was MM’s buff idea) to bother me, so…

good boss!

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: