New Boss Idea: Baker Hen

Sometimes space chickens need rewards for their hard training…
And what isn’t better prize than wheatmeal biscuits made by Baker Hen?

The Baker Hen, when engaged, uses CurZooka to shoot rockets that look like cursors.
Projectiles’ pattern:

                                                                  /  |  \
                                                                /    |   \

The said projectiles cannot be destroyed (unless Baker dies) home to the Hero’s location when being off-screen.
Baker also uses giant wheatmeal biscuit as a shield (has the same durability as bosses’ health)

When cookie shield is broken, the Baker will throw small varied cookies as shurikens at Hero:

  • Wheatmeal Biscuit - regular projectiles

  • Chocolate-chip cookie - when reaching Hero’s (scanned) coordinates, this cookie will unleash 8 chocolate chips in omnidirectional fashion

  • Square cookie - when reaching Hero’s (scanned) coordinates, this cookie becomes an destroyable obstacle

The Baker Hen is rarely seen because of humongous amount of chicken meat she gives when defeated*

*Beware that some food collectables are cookie grenades in disguise, so be careful what you eat - I mean - collect.

The boss idea is based on an incremental game called Cookie Clicker


Seems good

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