New boss egg

Hello today I came to you with a new idea of ​​the game is a giant planet in the form of an egg and the planet is a star killer of the film Star Wars the force awakens but in the form of an egg I have proposed this idea previously and put a picture but the picture appeared in the form of a link if you can help me Write In comments this is my idea for the day

There’s still a rather significant difference between Starkiller Base and Starkiller, but at least you did a better job than with your last post.

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Can you help me like my problem when you put pictures showing the link so but I want to show the normal pictures how

I usually don’t use links at all, I just copy the picture and paste it into my post.

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sounds like it would just be the yolk-star again


it would be yolk star v2.0

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I already suggested The Yolk Star 2.

Guys I have boss idea it’s Half Life Scientist Walter he’s the strongest boss in the game he has rockets and eggs to kill yuoooo

Out of curiosity, what do you think about The Force Awakens?

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It’s really cool and the last Jedi is much better

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Glad to see that someone likes the new movies.

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