New boss: baliot the berserking barrier

health: for every barrier destroyed , its slowly chip alway [0.3 - 0.25] and a new barrier will show up
weakness: none
strength: none
attack: will start off the battle by gliding to the right corner the shoot 5 purple neutron, can glide off the screen then summons barriers from the sides smoosh the player de
, can glide to the middle and create a forcefield like the robotic space crab 2.0 and the the henperor apprentice
Description: Baliot the ball barrier - #2 by sicklemode
Appearance: barriers stacked to make a voltron like robot thing with a ball barrier as the the head


Can it at least look like a chicken and not a stickman?


That’s quite something… Can transform maybe?

Its hands could make use of lvl 4 barrier (gun barrier)

you actually spent your time and create that ? its amazing

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