New "Always-On" item idea(no pic)

Many stars shoot a lot of radiation out in space in form of light like ultraviolet,X and gamma rays.

Now let’s just suggest that inside a flagship is a man and if those light rays hit him he will instantly melt or cause cancer depending on the amount of radiation.(sorry for talking too much)

For this i’m suggesting a new Always-On item which is Radiation-Absorber.

This item allows the flagship to enter the suns and it should cost as much as gravity nullifier.

This idea would be more cooler if there were other stars like neutron stars,pulsars,etc. which shoot more radiation than normal stars.

Maybe this needs a lot of coding and proggraming but it looks good.

Thank you.


It would be better to implement this if iA were to add a new celestial object like those neutron stars. Regular stars already require you to purchase the heat shield and the gravity nullifier, so this would only make that more costly.


That’s what I meant

Heat shield and gravity nullifier for suns but with radiation-absorber for neutron stars if they add them

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