Neutron stars

neutron stars (alot smaller) are basically suns but more rare and have harder missions , the neutrons will not have and planets , meteor belts , regional stores , etc . these neutron stars will need gravity nullifier like the suns to enter its orbit


It could have this weird stretching effect during missions to make it harder.

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ahh yeah , like a real neutron star

You are not the first one to suggest that. Neutron stars are cores of big stars, small but really dense and dangerous.

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What about Making the spacecraft move slowly? because the neutron stars have very strong gravity which will make the spacecraft move like the bombers ( or I can say, Slowly ) and the bomber will move harder than the normal.

We will never get pulsars, white dwarfs and so on in this game. I said this hundreds of times, that CIU doesnt need to be turned in Universe Sandbox game.


Except for the fact that they’re the best parts of astronomy. Regular stars are awesome and all but adding variety would be even better, it would make exploration much more interesting and fun, an issue of CIU which has been brought up multiple times. Aside from conserving game file size and saving IA some work, there’s no major reason not to add them eventually…


‘‘Conserving game file size’’ is more than enough reason.

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What does that have to do with file size

This shouldn’t even require much


Yeah, because adding few objects known in astronomy is going to change CIU into Universe Sandbox. The only thing it will change is make the galaxy more alive (and if we can get new type of missions for them… boy, this would be great for exploration)


Do you think that I dont want such a things? The worst part is that IA will not gonna bother with that, but dreams are free.

So make your mind. You want it or not? We want your opinion, not IA.

The core problem with this is that CIU has absurd proportions. I haven’t been able to find an excuse to go on a rant for it and here it is:

  1. While these ideas are going to be awesome and all, implementation can be quite tricky because the relative sizes of everything is simply unrealistic. You might say “iT’S chICKeN iNvaDErs @ChickenBlaster, iT’s sUPPosed tO bE unreaLiStic” , then I’ll tell you this. People can laugh at a game’s absurdity in the moment, but in the end a game with a lot of thought put into into will be appreciated more.

  1. Into the real science of this: Neutron Stars are about the size of a city. Now that may not seem all that bad until you see that a ship is literally a tenth of the size of a planet: in other words, a Neutron Star can hardly be represented in CIU without a massive rework of the sizes relative to others. It also makes no sense in the series’ canon as the Authentic Hero was shown to shrink as he moved away from frame in CI5: i.e. the ships are incredibly small compared to planets.

And that concludes my thoughts on why sizes should be readjusted to be more realistic in CIU. Feel free to present conflicting opinions.


I don’t think it will become a “Universe Sandbox” if we add a few things like this, but I still don’t feel like it quite hits the tone of CI.

The games have always gone for a very science-out-the-window approach, and I’m not talking about the space chickens. Things like Black Holes/Wormholes are very much your “stereotypical sci-fi” and ignore physics, and then you’ve got stuff like the ultra-celeritas comets that are just total fiction.

So adding something like a Neutron Star, while I don’t think it would overcomplicate things, would definitely be odd because suddenly we’ve got an astronomical body that follows very real-world rules (especially if gravity-bending effects are related). There’s nothing wrong with it, per se, but Chicken Invaders feels more like the sort of franchise that would rather make a Neutron Star just spew green gift boxes everywhere than make it have some sort of pseudo-realistic effect.

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Honestly, I would want to see a triple-star system first before a neutron star. :pensive:

On the other hand, what would you think the appropriate mission types for those neutron stars that will stand out against other astronomical objects?

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It will be really funny to see spaceship close to pulsar, without getting destroyed by the radiation.

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