Need a coordinates of Wormhole!


What need ? Screenshot with WORMHOLE
For Example:


uh, what


Sorry for my english


I know 3 and with this 4 of them(thanks). But i cant do a screenshot to show them :frowning:


I found that one. The first one that started it all. So far I gotten about 10 but I wish not to sell it out unless you really want it. If you do, well I guess I could give you a snapshot. Also how to take a screenshot?!?!


You’re giving it away for free?!


ty for the location


Windows 10: use windows button + PrtScr. This will save your screenshot to pictures folder on your PC.


What about windows 8.1?


You can try Win+PrtScr on Windows 8.1, but I don’t know will it work too.


It works ty very much! Now wait for pictures of the wormhole destination :slight_smile:


By the way, those .bmp are large in size, around 3MB on 1368x768 dimension. You’ll need to save it in other format to be practically uploadable.


If you have Steam, then you can launch the game through Steam and take screenshots using the overlay (F12 by default).


I won’t give the exact location, but I can give you a hint.

Tomituka is located south from the Hymenaios Constellation.


What is it on wormhole ?


I’m not sure I understand what you said.


Retro missions and the wormhole can teleport you to another wormhole that you explored.


@Traveller Sorry for the late reply.I’d been busy with school. Yeah. Sure.It would be good to help one another. But I was thinking about doing a community challenge.It basically the first to find and orbit all the generated wormholes in the genrated universe.


But how many wormholes are there? That’s the question.


20 wormholes.