Mysterious Ship 6 Rays Laser Warning

So we all fought mysterious ship well in original… just 4 of em but in universe 6 of em and also the laser warning appears only one time and sometimes you lose the game or simply surrender so you wont loose your extra lives so i suggest to add laser warning appear everytime and it might be suggested but its really important it cant be like that that player dies everytime cuz laser hits them everytime… i know it will be too easy but less frustrating and less harder


Actually in CIU there’re 4, 5 and 6 variants depending on difficulty. Also this was suggested before and denied because it would be too easy. Just practice more and you’ll eventually get used to it.


geez but it can be ultra frustrating for everyone


That makes it way too easy. It’s either one warning or no warning.

The one warning is there to merely tell you how many lasers it will shoot, and how it aims. Not as a difficulty factor.


Oh, you haven’t saw it in Double Team.

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Well, I do disagree about that. One warning is the only reasonable option as long as the number of lasers varies.

Additional warnings are not necessary, of course. Once you know how many lasers there are, it’s up to you to pay attention to timing and positioning.


And remembering how they’ll shoot.

At least they show you how they aim so you have an idea on where to move.


Hence “positioning”, as they’re always fired with the same offset, with one laser pointing directly downwards.


Believe me It’s easy to get used to that boss, especially since the pattern is easy to remember.

5 lasers? Stay under the boss
6 lasers? Same avoiding strategy you use with 4 but there are safe slots on left and right

Sincerally I find the 5 lasers the hardest one to doge

I repeat myself (and others): This boss is easy but only after you die a lot. Pratice is the key


Speaking of Double Team, I want to celebrate passing these dudes without dying for the 1st time:

Who wants cake:
  • :cake: + :clinking_glasses:
  • :cupcake: + :tropical_drink:
  • :doughnut: + :beverage_box:

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Yes, I could’ve done that at Chatting Place but I figured this topic is more sutiable.


in double team its hell…

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When I started out CIU I had a problem with this too but then I realized it would just be too easy if the warnings were there. I mean other than the lasers its just a spinning metallic egg what do you expect?

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