My wave ideas #7

10 new wave ideas to celebrate the upcoming New Year. Happy New Year!

Wave Idea #1: Feather Mystery

Supernova missions include safeboxes (also known as alien containers), but not Feather Fields missions. Weird. Of course, I could have simply asked IA if he could add a safebox for every Feather Fields mission, but… I instead came up with this wave idea!

There would be a 5% chance for the Feather Mystery wave to appear (Feather Fields missions only). If you encounter it, the wave would start with three clumps of feathers, one of them hiding a safebox, the two others containing enemies (not Gatling Gun/Laser Chicks). You would only get two chances, and if you find the safebox within two chances, the prize would be yours. But if you use your chances on the wrong feather clumps, the right one would instantly disappear! Take your time, there’s no rushing, recruits!

Wave Idea #2: Backup Droid Service

Backup Droid Security, but instead the Droids are non-hostile rather than hostile. However, they are protected by bubble shields, and when they stop on screen, they will scatter the food bubbles as a way of attacking you! And that’s the best timing for you to destroy them! Be aware that the bubbles will come back to the Droids, so be quick. Risky yet rewarding wave.

Wave Idea #3: Ninja Ambush

Sometimes, the best way to defeat your opponent is to ambush them by surprise, with tricky moves. Sensei Recruit

A few lines of enemies that want to test your agility. The following picture explains the enemy pattern. When the enemies are outside the barriers, deal with them! If they exit the screen, they will come back to their safe spots.

Wave Idea #4: Squawk!

I decided to put a random Squawk Block into a Chicken Invasion wave. Simple enough, except that this Squawk Block appears at the bottom of the screen and moves until the top (which is the other way around in every Squawk Block mission). Plus, every time it leaves the screen, it will loop, until all the enemies are taken out. Squawk!

Wave Idea #5: Droid Cosplay

Cosplay, but instead it’s a Droid wave. The higher the difficulty, the more Security Droids that replace non-hostile ones (with faster shooting skills). I’m proud of how the formation looks like.

Wave Idea #6: Sudoku Fever

It’s Sudoku time! Hairpin Turn’s sibling, but based on a sudoku.

Two sudoku grids will try crushing you, but there is a safe zone. Come in the first grid.

Clear your way and aim for the barrier bomb that unlocks the second grid upon explosion.

Finish the job!

Wave Idea #7: Rubik’s Cubes

Think fast! Two Rubik’s Cubes, each moving from left to right, and the other way around, at the same time, like crushers.

This is actually what each Rubik’s Cube is supposed to look like without enemies inside. Nine squares stuck together, only the one in the middle stays stable. The eight others, however, keep moving around the middle square. Each barrier bomb exploded removes one barrier square.

Wave Idea #8: Cursed Cursor

Random CIU player: I’ve just hacked into IA’s files. Time to choose a random player to mess with in-game!

This wave involves ‘‘someone’’ dragging a mouse (cursor) to the files (squares). Each ‘‘software’’ clicked will unleash a unique pattern.

First software: Ricocheting footballs from Brick Breaker. Pop all the footballs to proceed to the next pattern.

Second software: Looping bubble chickens from Effervescence. Kill all of them to proceed to the next pattern.

Third software: A ‘‘Terminator Dyson Sphere’’ from Dyson Spheres. Destroy it to proceed to the final pattern.

Bonus software: A satellite container as a reward.

Wave Idea #9: Droid Interaction

IA deserves a wave in his honor. Agreed?

The higher the difficulty, the more Security Droids replacing non-hostile ones (with faster firepower).

Wave Idea #10: Chicken Tornado

A Chicken Hurricane doesn’t hurt, but what about a Chicken Tornado? It all starts with enemies that form a tornado from the bottom to the top of the screen, then scatter everywhere (looped wave)!

Weather report: 100% chance of hostile creatures, very strong winds and a certain chance of death. Don’t ask me how such a terrifying weather can happen in space.


my only wave in a wave idea, how interesting


Your ideas are crazy!


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