My wave ideas #5

Even more wave ideas! This time, however, most of them aren’t waves from ‘‘Chicken Invasion’’ missions. Yes, I’m very aware that ‘‘Droid Raid’’ missions aren’t very motivating at the moment. So, I’m here to save this mission type!

Wave Idea #1: Ammo Supplies

Always wondered how Gatling Chicks can use so much ammunation? Well, this wave explains how. In each square, you have to destroy all the eggs so that the Gatling Chick in the same square becomes vulnerable and you can take it down.

Wave Idea #2: Firework Display

Always wanted to witness the magic of a firework display? Well, thanks to the Henpire, it’s now possible! So, yeah, fireworks (that funnily look like arrows) are displayed, and they eventually explode into falling sparks (enemies). But don’t stay too close, for safety!

Wave Idea #3: Surprise Boxes

Enemies that come out of boxes in a surprising way. What a nightmare!

Wave Idea #4: Vacuum Cleaner

Similar to ‘‘Effervescence’’, but not really the same. Enemies are vacuumed, then stacked. This time, there aren’t bubbles. Once the enemies are stacked, the barriers leave the screen. Clean up this mess, or no Space Burger for you!

Wave Idea #5: Food Fight!

Droids from corners of the screen stay still, but they send their food bouncing everywhere. How many times do we have to tell them not to play with their food!? Food is food, not toys! Oh, by the way, each droid you destroy will have its bubbles popped.

Wave Idea #6: Make It Or Break It!

Does this challenge tell you something? In case you’re confused about the concept, these are supposed to be walls of droids and bubbly food. They come from behind your back! Pass through, and survive. Dying isn’t an option! Or is it?

Wave Idea #7: Bingo!

BINGO! Do I even need to explain this one? Look, just search ‘‘Bingo’’ on Google and you’ll have plenty of information about how it works.

Wave Idea #8: Supply Safe

Disable the barrier walls, destroy the droids, and take the food! There’s a lot to gain. And nothing to lose, well, unless you leave the safebox for last?

Wave Idea #9: Droid Fan

You’re inside a rotating fan (everything inside it rotates as well). The dark gray line is made of indestructible barriers, and the light purple lines are supposed to represent flickering electricity. You want to get out? Then take out all the barrier bombs, and finally get rid of the droids.

Wave Idea #10: Droid Roulette

You’re ‘‘Trapped!’’ by droids! But it’s a food roulette. Bon appétit!

May the Stars always shine beside you!




Looks like pain. (or I don’t understand it lmao)

Rename it to “Food Fight”.


Yes you need to


It’s basically “Trapped!” and “The Windmill” combined.


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I’m going to bed now, but thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into the replies today.


Very nice :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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That’s a very awesome collection of waves.

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All of them seem good
Nice work tho! ^^

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Some of these seem tight for space or tough to implement, but the ideas are very creative and would do well for variety.

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Come to think about it, it’s true.

My bad. But thanks!

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