My wave idea in the upcoming CIU Version 136

Wave 1: Feather Mystery
Wave 2: Backup Droid Service
Wave 3: Spuawk!
Wave 4: Droid Cosplay
Wave 5: Droid Interaction
Wave 6: Chicken Spuare Dancing! (From CI3)
Wave 7: Chicken Carousel! (From CI3)
Wave 8: We’re Surrounded! (From Cl3)
Wave 9: Do The Chicken Huddle! (From Cl3)
Wave 10: Satellite Stock (From Cl5)
Wave 11: Single Shapes
Wave 12: Chicken Egg Burger
Wave 13: Chicken Egg Submarine Sandwich
Wave 14: Hourglass Trouble
Wave 15: The Pyramid
Wave 16: The Clock
Wave 17: The Hen House
Wave 18: Come In!
Wave 19: Level Up!
Wave 20: Gun 'Em Down!
Wave 21: Gun For Your Life!
Wave 22: Chicken Pizza!
Wave 23: Chicken Boomerang
Wave 24: Vacuum Cleaner
Wave 25: Chicken Vortex
Wave 26: Comet Stacker
Wave 27: Sudoku Fever
Wave 28: Chicken Tornado
Wave 29: Rubik’s Cubes
Wave 30: Cursed Cursor


And what are we supposed to do with this list?
Paste it into AI picture generator?

We need more details, how the wave looks, what chickens are in it and more.


These are nice and all but without detail to how they work we can’t understand it well.


i think chatgpt made this


lul, scary thought


First of all the missions has high, secondly, you must provide a document or proof of the mission, for example, a video or photo. 30 can’t be in one place like this. The third must be approved by IA, otherwise it will not be added

Bruh, almost all these wave ideas were originally made and posted by me. And you’re claiming these as your ‘‘wave idea’’?

What’s wrong with you?

“first of all the missions has high”


Secondly, first of all…

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Me, who overplayed the fnati: :question: :exclamation:

They are good names but you didn’t give us details about the enemies which we will fight in the last waves🫤

Secondly, thirdly.


isnt these type of topics related to the idea category

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