My suggestions to CIU and other questions

Hello. Here my suggestions

  • Offline missions (When user marked one of missions favourite, this game will automatically download mission data)
  • Multiplayer (Will be on end of Early access. When friends on one planet, this button will avalible and in-game chat or simply voice chat)
  • Add other paying items such as UltraPack (1000 keys + Chicken Hunter license) and Mountain of keys (+10000).
  • User music (Keys cost = 299. In mission config when user clicks on user music item, windows explorer will pop up to choose MP3, OGG, WAV, OGM file)

For another game

I’m need answer, when I play Android game in Bluestacks emulator without internet it popups that:
Ads must be enabled in order to continue game
Please check internet connection.

P.S - Other says that dialog is bad, i suggested to delete overlayed ads, only videos or ads in full screen, when exploded boss and turning next level

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Thing is, you need internet to even enter the game.
I remember iA stating they’d reduce this to just needing internet for updates and stuff, but that’s probably not going to happen now.

Suggested a ton already. Tho I guess it still counts as +0.01% more chance for it to get added, so :+1: .

I mean, you can just play whatever you want without this.

Ads can’t display if you have no internet. Which means you can’t play the full game unless you either pay or enable internet.


Yeah… I’m sure. CIU needs to updated, but I have no modem, only Dial-up Hotspot (maybe this network limited). 486mb needs to download and install this game in steam. But on 1-2 weeks my game account being deleted. I have early downloaded game, but on Google play games by Betacom SA (iA) not availible

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