My spacecraft moves too slow in wave!

I purchased a BX-7 spacecraft and used all the default spacecraft H&C 101 Hatchling equipment to set on my new spacecraft. But OMG my new BX-7 moves like it’s in Massive Environment, too slow!!! I want to ask all of you that Do I need to sell this BX-7 or buy any equipment to make it fly normally? I played all versions of Chicken Invaders but I feel so hard to get used to this version. Thanks y’all so much and sorry for my bad English.

P/s: I’m Vietnamese and my name in CIU is “QuangPhat”. Glad to see all of you!!!

I think it’s a pretty fair deal; more power, less speed.


bombers move slower than regular spacecraft
you can buy maneuvering jets in the galactic store if you want to increase its speed



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My friend buys BX-9 and it flys normally. It makes me feel so dissapointed about my BX-7 :frowning:

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He’s using maneuvering jets like what @matix524 suggested you or he’s playing with keyboard, which makes it easier for him, even without jets.

All BX spaceships have same speed.


Since when?
More expensive ones should be slower iirc.


Correct. The BX-6 is the fastest, followed by the 7, 8, and finally 9.


Maybe a bit only, because I haven’t seen much difference about their speeds.

Between two similar bombers, it may be hard to tell the difference, but you can easily see it if you compare BX-6 and BX-9


My bad. You’re right. Didn’t exactly notice their speeds.

At 1920x1080 resolution, the BX-6 travels at 1000 pixels per second. Each next bomber is 100 px/s slower than the previous one, so the BX-9 travels at 700 px/s.


@GgWw1175 what about legendary ones ? I heard that legendaries have a little more speed boost

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Each tier of rarity increases speed by 50 px/s, so legendaries get +150 px/s. Worth noting that this also applied to fighters in massive environments (which have a speed cap of 1600 px/s)


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