My Post was flagged!


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Ok, this should be “uncategorised”. Early access for game related things.


Dude. If you’re flagged, that means you’ve done something you should not have done. No need to create another topic just because you just got flagged once.

By the way, please learn what the topic categories mean?


We told you why you got flagged,and you just ignored it. Seriously?


Don’t react like kid


Better question: Why were you flagged yourself? You never did anything wrong in the first place.


Idk. Didn’t even notice that I was flagged,though I assume that Travis did it because he’s just mad at us


All the more as to why he got flagged himself then. Why are you complaining about getting flagged when you flagged an innocent?


If you want to know why he got flagged,read the messages in those pictures. There is no need to spam the forum with these threads. Though I’ll probably ignore this from now on,since I don’t feel like arguing here anymore. Maybe I am overreacting. If that’s what you think I’m doing,then I’m extremely sorry.


I know why he got flagged. I meant that he was flagging you when you did nothing wrong.


Oh,sorry,I didn’t understand it at first. My bad


People are weird at times.