My own Squadron: Call of Duty

Consist of following members:
Air Chief Marshall Vladimir Makarov (me)
Group Captain Francis
Flight Lieutenant HaiAn2007 and PacManVietNam
Flying Officer Darth Shkembesion and hakarat
Flight Cadet BoggY and Daxxxis

Squad Emblem: A sword with a pair of wings between with a snake slithering up from behind (I don’t know how to edit)

Squad Motto: We shall not step back to challenge but strike forward harder. We are soldiers without fear, we use everything to win and will complete missions. Together we are strong and no Chickens can stop us!

Operation Codename: Delta Five Foxtrot / One Whiskey Lima

1 slot is open. Join us now ( I will give the missions )
Conditions: Tier 60 or higher, in my contact list (I send a invitation, if one declines, whether s/he gives me a million US dollars, I WILL not accept)
If the orange bar is high, bring Special Weapons and Extra Lives


Let me in.
My callsign: minasam123

xXmlgDiegoXx if i can join lol

He said only 1 slot left

I have yet decided which one is the one
But it will be. Shortly

well then remove me from the squadron i’m tier 54 so you can have 2 slots

Yay I’m tier 99 so I won’t be removed

my call sign is
-kirby sicklemode , invite me

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