My new idea boss: Mechanical War

Well, we have 2 bosses that can divide, so how about another boss that can divide, but machines only? This is my boss idea:
The wave starts with an ordinary Crab 2.0.
After Crab 2.0 dies, it will divide into a King Crab and UCO#4. The king crab only has 2 throwing hands(it was 4) and 2 laser hands, when it attacks with the lasers, they will stop at a 90 degree angle. The UCO#4 now only has 1 red laser hand, the remaining laser will try to aim at your spaceship and it will only shoot after all other hands have attacked, the egg cannon hands now only shoots 4 eggs (instead of 8).

When they are destroyed, each of them will divide into 5 lvl 4 Barriers, each Barrier will move horizontally and move with an equal speed, if it touches the edge of the screen it will bounce back and move in the opposite direction. There maybe another barrier moving at the near bottom of the screen.

Each lvl 4 Barier will divide into 2 Aliens, and each Alien will divide into 3 Festers.

Zoom: 200%
Music: CI5 boss
Bonus points: Multi-kill and Clean Sweap
Why does this boss have Clean Sweap? Because the saucer which from Alien or Fester when destroy, it will fall down. So if we lose a saucer, we won’t get 100% likes other bosses, right? So i think Clean Sweap is necessary in this Boss. And the Clean Sweap will cost 20,000pts.
That’s all, I hope iA has something to say about my idea. I thought about this idea 2 months ago and i don’t know if anyone agrees to my idea :(( . Thanks everyone for paying attention to my boss idea


Ngl, I expected a more epic mechanical boss at the start, adding some different types of arms onto the existing crab 2.0 model would suffice.

The UCO#4 seems to be an outlier in this boss fight, since it’s the only unit with a chicken inside. The other bosses aren’t confirmed to have chickens or don’t have them at all. Maybe replacing the UCO with Mysterious Ship might fit the theme better, although the Mysterious ship would need a nerf in speed and the number of lasers.

A bit confused as to the barrier moving at the near bottom of the screen. Also Lv4 barriers are kind of a boring choice for a miniboss, but all of the other minibosses have already been used in the dividing boss fights and slobs don’t fit the theme, so okay I guess?

20 total blue saucers is reasonable, but 60 Festers is a bit too much. Maybe make it to 40 Festers or something (blue saucer divides into 2 festers).

Makes sense, it should be added though I kinda wanted it to award 10000 points and it’s gonna annoy me a lot cause falling saucers kill me quite often

Overall, an interesting take on dividing bosses that isn’t just more chickens, but the lack of visuals along with some balancing concerns hold the idea back. 6.5/10


Wel, about this, i have to say but i don’t know how can i think about skill for Mysterious Ship. Although it’ll be nerfed and play in zoom 200%, i think that there will be liked such as a Double Team wave

Wel, 60 Festers not so much if you not try to kill so many target in a same time. It just likes the Chicken Exponentiality wave, if you try to kill so much and fast, you may let too much Asassin Chick.

I’m so sorry about this but i don’t have anything to edit a visuals, and i don’t know how to edit the visuals. And i don’t have many time to get a visuals for everyone can understand my idea.

You can edit the post and add in the visuals at any time. As for editing stuff, the website, the program) should do the trick.

You can reduce the movement speed and increase the firing interval of the Mysterious Ship. It will have only 4-5 lasers depending on difficulty, more space to dodge the bullets for players.

I guess you have a point about the Festers tho.

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get the kris


I’ll try to do some visuals about this boss then i’ll post them

@Recruit_75 i have added the visuals

@InterAction_studios Can you take a look on my idea and leave a comment ?

It would’ve looked better if the blue alien saucers weren’t cropped like that, otherwise, it gets the job done.

I’m sorry. I download the picture from Fandom, and i don’t know why it’s like that.

Try using this:

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try clicking on the “view full size image” button

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Well, i’ll fix later

I have done to use your picture

The wave starts with UCO 5
UCO 5 > 2 V2 crabs > 2 UCO 4 + 2 King crabs > 8 Unbreakable barriers

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Ah, Yes, unbreakable barriers in a boss wave.


What?? UCO#5??

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