My idea for "Multi-Player"

greetings, recruit.
i know multi player is early suggested but i was thinking about that multi player won’t be added for planetary missions and just this idea entered to my brain.
multi player won’t be added to planet missions or challenges. you know why.

if you don't know why, click here

that’s because you may play the mission and reach near to end, the other player join and it can’t do anything there. and for challenges there is no options for writing 2 players in same rank in top-10. so i had an idea.

  1. the rooms be made by players
    in here you go to “Multi-player” button in “profile”. then choose one of this 2 options.
    “create a room” and “join a room” [IA may add only rooms to join with different difficulty and mission type.]
    but i show idea that may be added.
  • “join a room”:
    easy to describe, you just join the rooms that other players made.
  • “create a room”:
    if you don’t like other players’ rooms, you can make one by yourself.
    first, you choose the difficulty. (like the league’s one)
    then, choose the mission type (i have no idea for what missions should be there; IA will think about it) [what i suggest: chicken invasion, boss rush, droid raid, super nova, comet chase, meteor storm]
    then choose the maximum number of players (between 2 and 4)
    and then the number of waves and stages.
    and click on “create room”
    and other can see the room and can join.
    this way may won’t be added because some players couldn’t be online or don’t want to play multi player in that time, so the second idea has bigger chance to be added
  1. the room be made automatic
  • each time a room’s mission finish, the room will be deleted and will make another one.

some notes: 1. the players that want to be in should have callsign before.
2. the players should have tier 10 to join rooms
3. the rooms only have one mission and it show the mission like planetary missions
4. the mission should show some more information like the wave number that other players are in (for example 5/16) and number of players

credits to TETR.IO

hope you enjoyed reading topic :slight_smile:
i will add pictures soon.
if you had a question, ask me.
thanks for reading


“Quick Match” better

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IA would need to host servers we can play on, peer-to-peer simply doesn’t work for ciu like the older games, so he would have to rebuild the whole multiplayer system from stratch. IA said that if the game is successful enough, then he would look at multiplayer.


Isn’t that basically how steam CI multiplayer works?


And for multiplayer in the same computer there could be a “simulation” in Hero Academies like with the Anniversary Mission, that is supposed to be a simulation.

Boss is getting more and more difficult, I hope IA will soon update the co-op mode to CIU soon


I agree

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Like button is exist

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I really like your version of the co-op idea! It should definitely be implemented in some manner by IA or I’m gonna freak!

Besides the game is supposed to be an mmo with singleplayer aspects, so it would make sense to implement a co-op mode.

Edit: I think even I have mentioned co-op somewhere in this thread : Messaging?


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