My idea for a game mode

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Doesn’t really sound that different compared to regular waves.


I’ve a really good new idea! It’s a new weapon. It ſhoots and does damage. Any ſuggeſtions to expand my idea?


Maybe some type of chicken bases we fight in them. But they wont be a missio type, it will be a main base type. Background chicken types and outfits can change… And your rank will effect can you join these or cant. Will give some amount of keys at end of the mission for completing it.

Isn’t all of that already a thing in regular missions…

Background change and outfit change would make it more interesting though

No,they wouldn’t…the only difference between regular and “main base” missions would be their look…that alone,in my opinion,isn’t enough to call it something completely different from regular missions.


The part with increasing difficulty is basically the weekly challenge…that’s exactly how it works: starts off with chicks in nearly every wave,and it slowly gives you tougher and tougher enemies. Not much of a difference there. And I doubt that Traveller wanted to drift you away,he only wanted to show just how stupid it sounds. Even if it is a 2nd grader’s method,it’s good enough to show how dumb it sounds.
PS. the words you used right there might not exactly be what you’d call “keeping the forum civil”,which is…not really a good thing,to say the least.


Beſides, you can’t beat a nice healthy doſe of ſarcaſm when it’s called for! :grinning:

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Oh, I didn’t know that about the weekly challenge. Thanks for telling me that.

Also Traveller my reply was as called for as your post, so you don’t have the right to complain.

While yes, sarcasm can be in a bad taste I think you went overboard with the comeback.

Well the usage of tons of sarcastic adjectives is pretty much just a joke and was not meant to be taken that seriously, but hey, if you guys think I crossed the line then I’d like to apologize.

My problem is that I’ve been here for less than 2 weeks, so maybe instead of making me ironic, Traveller could have explained calmly that I should have provided more information about “Hero Invasion” and do what Orandza did (pointing out that difficulty increasing is already in the game as a gimmick for example).

And I’ll flag this post for removal (I can’t delete it myself I believe) and try to write another one with much more details.


Can’t you juſt edit it? There ſhould be a little pencil thingamabob on the lower right-hand corner.

I thought it’d be better to start from scratch