My idea collection - New units

I’m sticking my random ideas for new units here.
Maybe someone may have run into these units before so correct me.

Egg Surprise

it is the largest egg in normal levels and can hold several chickens there (varies by breed)


(1.) What unit could be there? practically everything ago is a surprise
(at higher difficulty levels there would be more difficult units)

(2.) In this egg there are only special units of the type:

  • Coward Chicken
  • Toxic Chicken
  • Alchemist Chicken
  • Slob Chicken
  • Chickenaut
  • Armored/ Copy Chicken
  • UFO (alien)

Chicken Amor

it has an indestructible bubble of love in it.
to destroy it you have to shoot down 5 purple hearts that orbit around it.

Chicken Shield
be careful where you fire.
The little chick hid in one of the iron shields.
If you destroyed her, she will attack you immediately (angry little chick)

Sleeping Chicken

okay, you don’t have to take this idea seriously. :joy:
The chicken throws its pillow at you (who doesn’t?)
After the pillow is destroyed, there will be a few small feathers left behind, which you can push back

(it is possible that I will upgrade this topic provided I have an idea to new units)


bubble rings wave has this already

a wave but not an individual (possibly it can be limited to 3)

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This seems familiar with the fake container he had on the other topic


Wow, that look pretty funny

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