My great ideas (waves, game improvements)

  1. Waves
    1.1 Airship in space
    Here one airship takes off on the left, and after its destruction, the second airship takes off on the right. To destroy it, you need to break the turrets on the sides, and two bombs behind them (if at all it is possible to make it so that instead of one bomb, it was necessary to detonate several). These bombs remove the barriers and release the chickens from the inside.

1.2 Fire and Ice
Enemies follow the arrows. To open the bubble, you must destroy all the ice and fire chickens.

  1. Game improvements
    2.1 Make a global search for squadrons
    2.2 Add bets on Galaxy Cup participants if you did not advance to the next round or did not participate. It will be possible to put a small number of keys. From 10 to 80 keys. After winning the bet, the keys are multiplied by 1.5 times. In case of loss, the entered keys are lost. You can place a maximum of 1 bet per round.
    2.3 Add a pause or pre-mission setting that will not allow you to pick up companions in the first place in order to receive a medal in competitions. Because sometimes you accidentally press the right mouse button and you lose extra points…

For now, these are all my ideas. :penguin: My nickname in CIU: melonezz_


No, no, no.

You can set satellite fire to middle click instead of right click to avoid this.

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  1. Oh, and another bug I found:
    in when you open the Steam overlay, you can not change the language layout. To do this, you have to: Close the overlay - change the language - open the overlay again. And so every time when you need to write something not in your native language.
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A little update on overlay bug: it’s Steam’s own bug, other games are also affected. Workaround: use Win+Space to switch your language if you are using Windows 10+, or just close the overlay to switch the layout.

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