My First Thoughts On CIU Part 1

So Chicken Invaders Universe Huh,Is It The Sequel We’ve All Been Waiting For Lets Find Out

Disclaimer These Are My Thoughts On The Early Version I Will Update This Once The Full Game Is Released Also I Didn’t Boot Up The Game First So If There Was Anything I Missed Let Me Know

1.The Menu
Well When I First Booted Up The Game I Was Expecting A Intro But Alas There Wasn’t One So That Was Kinda Disappointing Maybe Some Basic “You Are A New Recruit” Speech.The Menu Is Kinda Bland But Besides That I Love The Menu Theme IA Just Destroys It In The Music Department Every Time

2.My First Adventure
For Being Early Access The World Is Amazing There’s Just So Much To Explore (More On That Later) On A Negative Note Even With The Tutorial Pop-Ups I Still Don’t Understand Half Of The Mechanics (I Did Reset The Tutorial It Didn’t Help) I Would Suggest A More Expansive Tutorial Section.After Fiddling Around I Figured Out How To Dock At A Planet And Started My First Mission.
I’m Gonna Get It Off My Chest I Hate The New Movement System Maybe A Heads Up Or Something But No BAM BOOM ESPLODE I’ve Only Died 3 Times And They Were All To The Lag In The Ship I Expect That It Will Improve Once You Upgrade But Man That Almost Did It For Me.Anyway The First Boss I Fought Was My Favorite THE MOTHER HEN SHIP!! I Was Really Surprised To See Her…Him…It Yeah…The New Enemy A.i Took Me Off Guard I Wasn’t Expecting All The Dodging Chicks And Remote Controlled Eggs I Love It

3.Misc Complaints
Lets Get This Over With I Don’t Like The Sorting System For Finding Space Burgers,Hero Academy’s Etc. It Seems Like I Have To Be Zoomed In Just Right For The Icons To Pop Up Heck I Haven’t Even Made It To One Since I Cant Find Any.The New Market Is Just Really Confusing I Would Like To See Setups Of Some Sort That Include All Of The Items Instead Of Having To Buy Everything Myself But That’s About It So Far

I Will Make A Part 2 After Playing For A Little While Thanks For Reading

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I think they will add an intro soon. Just its an early access…

That way of typing, wow.

So, this game of course is still a very, very early stage. It’s basically a thrown-together thing of all the games. Which is kinda neat. But there will most definitely be a ton more content in the not-so-distant future I hope.


Why do you caps lock every first letter?

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Yeah, I can’t read their posts like this!

Hey guys what is the squadrons licence?

Squadrons are not yet supported. Ignore it for now, we’ll explain it when it’s time.

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