My currency problem and chicken hunter license

I am pretty new here. I don’t even remember how I ended up playing this beta version just love the game. I have a lot of questions about the constant upgrade of the game. I was given the chicken hunters license at some point thinking it was something permanent given for playing at a certain time. With my next upgrade it was gone and I suppose I need to purchase. When I looked into that my currency shows some icon I have not ever seen that is not USA $. So if I wanted to buy it how do I change my currency? and when I upgrade is it going to go away again?

Wait for the steam version that’ll come in a few days, you can then use your steam wallet to buy things. Steam will convert the prices to your local currency too.

Thank you. I have never used steam before. I am still unsure how I even got here I have played this game since the first one. I purchased a bunch of levels in a package from amazon. I was trying to buy sims online games for my kids around the same time and play some stuff on facebook that are from ie or ea lol I can’t remember. Just somehow asked if I wanted to play here so I have been.

The prices quoted in-game are in Euros (€). If you go through the purchasing process, PayPal (which handles payments) will convert Euros into your local currency when charging your credit card. If you want a preview, you can use this currency converter: 1 EUR to USD - Euros to US Dollars Exchange Rate

Alternatively, you can wait for the Steam version to come out in a few days, which handles some of this automatically. You’ll need to install Steam first, though: Steam, The Ultimate Online Game Platform

No, all purchases are permanent. Previously, licenses were given out for free for testing services and were revoked when testing was done – this will not happen again.


When upgrading, all accounts which have the License will be reset. You need to get it free again :)) [Ed: This is incorrect. Licenses are no longer free]

Currency in Steam is available now, but the position of currency is incorrect. The Rupiahs and Dollar must be in front of value. EDIT: I like the price is well cheaper.


Already suggested from me

Thanks, made the purchase!

Oh, I understand\

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