My comment section got broken by something

I don’t know how it happened. Zoomed out only to show that there is another comment after space.

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You had your chrome zoomed out

click reset

silence of misreading

I mean, ok, if you need default zoom, here:


It happens in my pc too, but at any mode, even 100% zoom…

Maybe, but just maybe. It’s because of chrome. I mean, I didn’t have this bug in all the time since I joined this forum (and I read almost everything) and I’m using Firefox.


It happens on my phone as well. I use the CIU Forums app.

I didn’t have it since the first days of forum either and I was using Chrome, so it probably doesn not depend on browser.

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Yeah, that’s my point. You use chrome and you have this bug. I use firefox and I haven’t encountered this bug yet.

What browser do you use?

There is an official CIU forums app?

Forum app is probably Discourse thing, I have this too. It just asked if I want it on my phone’s desktop as an app one day.


Well, that’s interesting. I installed it and it opens a google chrome app when clicking on a forum. So, so far my theory stands still.

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I do get this bug but it’s a small one instead of a big one like you explained. I use Safari(phone) and Google Chrome(PC)

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Chrome is bad at generally everything, honestly. Firefox is better, although I haven’t tried Opera and other browsers yet. Sadly they’re losing the battle against Chromium and will soon integrate it in some way. At least that’s what a friend keeps telling me, but if you have different data - share it.

I haven’t had this issue on Firefox, just like qbus. Did it fix itself after refreshing?

Yup, if you refresh the page or go to thread selection and back, it fixes itself. I would use Firefox if I had needed extensions on it. Sadly, I can’t.


I use Edge and it’s actually working pretty darn fine.

But what version do you use? Original or the chromium?

What is the difference between the two?

Well. The newest one is using chromium engine - so it’s basically like a chrome without some features. And the original one is on a custom engine made by Microsoft (which probably will surprise you, but it’s actually the browser with the most accurate css rendering)

As of identifying it… If you didn’t download it yourself then it probably is original. This will however soon change because microsoft is forcing the chromium build to everyone.


The built-in one.

Great. So now I’m actually convinced that is a chromium specific bug.