My CIU gameplay... (Sorry if its too nooby)

Watch it here (finally, the first link is alive)(sorry for my logo)
Sorry for a bunch of deaths in UCO boss, I was trying to kill them like in older versions
And sorry for stupid deaths…

  • Also
    Am I the youngest user in this forum?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’ve got this error on the link you provided: “This video is a duplicate of another youtube video.” You might need to reupload that video again.

How old are you ? 10?
May be in this forum yes but in all players NO

This link was my reupload ones. There is a problem with the original

Well yes, but actually no.

I’m 9 years old and a 9yrs old army of pewds

Sorry, I really can’t.

Got the same thing. Have you actually tried to access it yourself before posting it here?

Yes. It shows the same error

Reuploading… Stay still

Nice CIU gameplay.
I’m almost 16 years old now but I was around 4 when I first started playing. Wonder what’s the record on that.

Wait how did they add English captions?

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