My Boss Idea

hello here i want another boss in CIU since it’s really fun. the dark egg cannon here its picture

attacks: rounded circled yellow lasers: it shoots yellow lasers and put them as a circle to trap you it can also block your attacks attack 2: (phase 1) shoots 10 chickenauts and 25 big chickens attack 1: (phase 2) shoots 30 big chickens and after one of them dies all of them will disappear attack 2 (phase 2) the last attack its called round to round : just like rounded circled yellow lasers but chicken edition 10 armored egg ship chickens does a circle and if 2 of them dies you can escape. thats all!

Listen, can you show a video that came out 2 or 3 years ago? And at the end this boss is a dark egg cannon

sorry i dont know how to show videos :frowning:

im gonna try

no video has what you said

This reminds me of something



yes thats the image

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