My Boss Idea - Layers of Eggstuction

I hope this idea is original enough to be presented


  • the egg will chase the player until it destroys all layers
  • the egg turns all the time (after destroying the shell, it spins faster)
  • after destroying one layer of the egg, an army of chickens is released and the egg moves a little faster
  • after the destruction of all layers of the eggs, the chick rifles stand still

I hope you like the idea :slight_smile:


  • Boss name (Idea: Instinct8)
  • rewards after smashing 1-3-5 layers - weapon upgrade, gift (Idea: miuracle)

Quite good actually, quite similar to chicken multiplicity. also how large the egg is and what is the zoom level (200%,300% etc.) also give a creative boss name like Bossa Nova :slight_smile:, my idea Layers of Eggstuction.

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This can be random chicken apper, if it me I would like it be:

1st layer. Lazergun chickens

2nd layer. Slob chickens

3rd layer. Chickenauts

4th layer. Amored chickens

5th layer. Coward chickens

6th layer. UFO Fester

100%+SSH (40%)
Madness with this :slight_smile:

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Bro imagine 20 coward chickens

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also from the looks the egg is 3x larger than mother hen ship (CI3)

Also for 140% difficulty replace machine gun chicks by lazer gun chicks

it’s like the final boss of ci 2 but with more chockens.
Either way, this is actually a good boss design


Will the Egg itself attack other than following you. like shooting beams at higher difficulties

Add a reward mechanic that after destroying 1-3-5th layer, gives a present or a firepower

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kind of the machanic as CI2 mother hen ship and iron chef

a good idea, i approve.

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Layers of Eggstuction - Good idea

I was inspired by this boss and what Instinct8 mentioned :slight_smile:

it seems to me that if the egg would shoot with bundles then it would be quite similar to the boss iron egg from (CI3)

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