My anger about SSH Weekly Challenge


I used this set:

after 80 waves

I failed because i hate myself.

I ruined Pulsating Grid and Wormhole
Tactic: Use-All-Weapons-For-Getting-More-Score

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Put more life


You don’t need all those indicators,the progress indicator is enough. Don’t equip expanders,they won’t help you here,at all. For enemies that take so many hits to die like chickenauts and armored chickens,making your weapon spread will only make your weapon less effective against these enemies,which is definitely not what you want. Mass condensers won’t help you much,either. Eggular repulsor? Maybe… invulnerability extension? Not that necessary…you can replace most of these with extra lives,amplifiers and coolant canisters. And why did you leave some of the slots empty?
Oh,and lastly:
Your tactic of picking up every single weapon is fine for the first few stages,but eventually,you’ll have to reduce it to “only good weapons”,and for the last stages to “only utensil poker”. How do you think you’ll beat the late game waves if you pick up weapons like positron stream? The enemies you miss will cost you way more points than what you’d get from simply picking up every kind of present you get.


Fighting The Yolk-Star™ —> catches ion blaster. “Surrender” :slight_smile:


Sorry, but this is one of the worst sets i ever seen. Just put 10 lives, around 12 phase-outs and 9 damage amplifire’s and you are ready.


Phaseouts won’t help you get more score.
Instead,get like 9 extra lives,a few coolant canisters and fill every other slot with amplifiers.


You from future, i think. But current update is 13.1 and i can’t swap superweapons in-game


You have to figure out how to sort them, because they are 3 on each slot. I do a great scores with this strategy(even only with phase-outs) on daily’s but on weekly i recomend the Orandza strategy.