My 5 ideas

hello, back from half 10 days.
so i have a 5 ideas for now.
Here’s my list:
1.Skill Tree
I would like to see that skill tree.
but it’s already suggested.
skill tree allow you to increase power while learning the skill.
2.Extended Upgrade
i like to suggest this upgrade.
but i want extended one.
they will extend:
Equipment:3 to 5
Weapon:8 to 11 (power 20)
3.Power Rating
for once, my idea is power rating.
upgrading or equipping will increase a Power Rating.
like my idea, any missions require power rating.
4.Mythical Rarity
i cannot find because there’s no mythical item.
but now i want mythical rarity.
i want it.
i would like this artifact from previous CI episodes, but now that’s my idea.
This missions type is called:Artifact Search.
which can complete mission will obtain artifact.
equipping artifact will give you Special Stats.
that’s all of my ideas.
please Tell me what’s my topic was good.
Rate it.

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4 and 5 are good.
I think we should have missions that drop legendary/upper-legendary spacecrafts and parts.


1, 3, 4 and 5 are pretty good suggestions.

But I don’t know what 2 is all about

5th already suggested. I will add the link if I find it.

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