Multiplayer Ship Trees

Hello hello hello, back to old roots by making a long ass topic again due to boredom, AND there’s proper grammar, really pulling all the stops here innit.

Meta shitposts aside, this is a random idea I got, so why not? Multiplayer is fun, its a HELL lot of bullets hitting EVERYTHING, the entire screen is a mess, and its pure chaotic fun. If your internet works that is. I’ll admit, these ships are NOT at all compatible with the current multiplayer due to it being a clusterfuck and laggy a lot of the times, but hey, maybe if those things get toned down in the future and CIU makes it big enough to have dedicated multiplayer servers, maybe, just maybe, these can fit, but wouldn’t place any bets on it right now. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Support: The Henyo Ship Tree, and Spryter’s crippling EVE addiction

So, multiplayer mode is already chaotic “who can hit things first” fuckfest, so why not have a ship class not meant to deal craptons of damage itself, but to make it easier for others to hit chickens, boosting your own damage output, or letting your teammates have a better time surviving, all at the cost of your own survivability? Introducing the “Henyo” ship line, being able to switch between modes, introducing a “Support” role to the field.


“An entry level spacecraft employed in very small hunting fleets, or in high risk places where everyone needs to hold their own. Able to stand its ground better, but only has limited support systems.”

The most basic of the tree. The tree is generally weak and more challenging to not lose, however this one is a fair compromise between supporting teammates and supporting yourself by not dying a preventable death in a speedier ship like this. Just don’t expect to make that big of a mark as the bulkier lads.


“A more advanced version of its predecessor. Surprisingly agile for its size, but nowhere near as speedy as scouts or fighters. Has moderately advanced support systems.”

The yin-yang of speediness and support, this ship is the middle ground between the bulkiest and arguably hardest ship of the tree to keep alive and the loner speedy variant, having the weakest support but able to guard itself when necessary.


“The most support oriented ship, this one is purely focused on helping out others. What it lacks in self-defense, it more than makes up by boosting teammates to cover up the offensive loss from your side. Has the most powerful support systems and moves like a buttered brick.”*

For those who want to stay out of the action, instead choosing to buff their teammates to make up for the firepower lost. Whether you stay alive to do that is a question of its own.

That’s cool and all, but what are these “Support” roles?

Now here’s the fun part. As in the descriptions, they, well, they provide buffs pretty much. Ranging from dps increase to giving shields or some special roles for each ship even, these are versatile and can be applied as the situation calls.

‘Ares’ Supports (Shoot harder you cock focused)

1. Particle Accelerator: Makes projectiles move slightly faster and deal higher damage per shot.

2. Subatomic Compressor: Makes projectiles/beams have a smaller/thinner hitbox, but deal higher damage per shot. Weakens special beam abilities like chaining, AoE and splitting.

3. Radiation Dissipator: Makes overheat rate slower.

‘Ninazu’ Supports (Don’t die you cock focused)

1. Dissipation Field: Creates a small shield that cancels all shots for a very short amount of time.

2. Deflector Shield: Creates a shield that prevents one hit for as long as the person doesn’t get hit. As soon as the shield breaks, another shield cannot be applied for a certain number of waves on the same person.

3. ‘Mimosa’ Relay: Slightly pushes away projectiles for as long as the support ship focuses on another.

Conclusion and all nighters

These are some of my ideas on what kind of help a Henyo ship can introduce to the field. These are definitely unbalanced, the formatting is shit and I’ve avoided exact stats since I’m terrible at balancing, and also a ship like this doesn’t suit the current hectic multiplayer system, due to the ping problem. Yes, it’s overcomplicated, yes it’s very fucky with mobile controls, no, there are no charts or other documents to balance this as of writing. This topic is just my brain at 2 AM secreting crack.

Regarding the ships themselves, they’re supposed to have lowered firepower, although the smaller ships will have more combat capabilities and a less harsh firepower capacity. The application of these support systems can be from the heat gauge, with each use of any support throttling heat by a certain amount. The support systems can be chosen from the attack focused set or the defense focused set, with each ability being available to choose from. There could be another set focused on boosting the support ship itself, as a form of “battle medic” playstyle, but honestly it still sounds like a fucky idea that will be hell to balance, as if this wasn’t aneurysm land already. So for now until I stop procrastinating to hell and back, this is going to stay like this, then maybe I’ll make a reply and introduce suffering with exact stats, or go the less masochistic half arsed path of “me dun goof this gud” instead.

Anyways I gotta sleep. Or not. It be like that.

Edit 1: hasn’t even been a fucking minute there was a typo


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