Multiplayer mode when available

Here is my idea for the next update :
-Multiplayer missions when available (co-op), when other players are orbiting the same planet and are online. A menu should exist to let the user choose multiplayer or singleplayer . When the users choose the same mission (multiplayer) they are going to prepare the for the fly mission. Everybody is gonna choose his/her equipment and the difficulity will be set by a vot.
-The idea is not very good but it can be a begining of something new to the game


:neutral_face: it sound good but the thing is i almost never play multiplayer.

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It has been suggested so many times I can’t count

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Servers are not free, Early Access is free. If it will be added at all, it’s going to happen after release for sure.

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I got that idea in my brain too. But I think that we can run together in Daily and Weekly missions

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