Multi-Kill Rework/"Combo" Bonus

The Absolver Beam is a great weapon for getting more than one kill at once, but it’s not the only weapon that does it. The Ion Blaster and the Laser Cannon, to name a few, all have simultaneous kill capabilities, but the reliability of that happening is hard to measure.
You’re very likely to get more than one shot per kill with particular weapons, yes, but it’s not easy to go out of your way to do it.

Multi-Kill on its own is a very nice bonus to have, but wouldn’t it be great to get awarded for multiple kills per shot, as opposed to just kills in rapid succession?
Thus, my idea of a new Multi-kill bonus came to mind. You get rewarded for killing multiple enemies with a single shot, as opposed to getting multiple kills through spray and pray.

Now, I’m not suggesting that current Multi-kill get removed altogether; I instead propose that it get renamed to “Combo-kill”, so you’re still rewarded for continuing a chain of connected shots.

It’s a small change, but I thought I’d put it on the table.

That’s going to make ion blaster or anything that could kill multiple things with one shot the meta. Even more so if you use a Bomber.
There’s also situations like Absolver beam on waves where enemies are clumped together and are protected in bubbles.

Not to mention, this would be useless for weapons like positron stream, Lightning Frier, and Plasma Rifle since they’re only able to hit as less as 3 things at a time. Even if chaining/splitting/AoE capabilities do manage to kill more than 3, you’re still going to have some problems trying to do that reliably.
(though plasma does have some deadly AoE, so there’s less struggle for Plasma.)

So I’m going to say that this new bonus would be quite… situational at best.
Mostly going to end up being “Keep Absolver or Ion if you want more points”


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