Mountables: Playstyles

I still want to introduce a “build” mechanic into CIU, other than spacecraft families.
This time, I came up with a new mountable type: Playstyles.
Playstyles are purchasable in the galactic store and Madam Madamme Tents. The player can only have 1 copy of them, and in missions, they can only equip 1 type.
Playstyles are meant to introduce both limitations to the player abilities and bonuses.
Glass Cannon → Cannot equip extra lifes. Increased damage by 25%.
Tank → Start with 2 lifes. Weapon power limit reduced to 10 if above it.
Hoarder → Increases food drop rate, but reduces maneuverability (even for fighters).
Hot Head → Increases heat produced. Gain 1 power after each wave, up to 20.
Lucky Devil → Start with a random weapon at power 15. Disables gift drops.
Coward → Reduces spaceship hitbox. Powerup drop rate severely reduced.

If anything comes out of this, it’ll probably be a spacecraft family, but I’ll be happy anyways.


Some of these are heavily flawed. Tank penalizes some ships way more than others. In fact 6/12 ships are not penalized at all while 3/12 ships are very heavily penalized. And having just one more extra life…yeah, it’s either just pathetic or literally a free life at no cost.
Hoarder - well now you get more food but you don’t have the speed to collect it anyways. Ofc that depends on just how much the speed is reduced. Maybe it just means bombers will have to use even more jets than they already have to when competing currently, while other ships would hardly change and get free food. I dunno about this one.
Lucky Devil - I don’t know why this is even here. It’s not much of a playstyle, you’re just surrendering to the rng gods in order to get the weapon you want while being given 15fp. I can see this being very annoying in competitive missions because people would then simply have to equip this and hope to get the optimal weapon for the challenge because if someone else does it and gets lucky, well you have no chance without doing the same thing. Tho I guess lack of gift drops already eliminates this playstyle from being relevant anyways.
On the other hand, glass cannon sounds interesting. High risk for…I guess a decent reward. Could be interesting.
Hot head doesn’t sound very rewarding, but again, depends on just how much heat per shot is increased. Tho this would be a must on short competitive missions now where you can’t otherwise get 20fp. Those 100k points will really give you an edge over others, so I’m not sure what to think about this.
Coward is also cool but obv irrelevant in competitive play.
So yeah. In my opinion, if this was added, hot head would be the meta for dares for sure. For other missions…hard to say, but probably glass cannon or hoarder. Regarding casual play, glass cannon’s cool since a lot of people already do missions unprepared anyways so I imagine many will use this playstyle. In fact most of these seem okay in casual play, other than Tank being meh. I am of course talking about the fun factor because the other stuff, well, I alreadu mentioned it earlier. So yeah, concept is cool, but majority of the playstyles feel flawed.


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