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EA just ruined the main theme. These games doesnt really cost 50 bucks. Maybe 15 or max 20. They are trying to milk a cow they killed years ago.

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PvZ 2 is better than this

EA. They’re running this series into the ground, like most other titles from other companies. And once PvZ won’t get as much money, bye bye Popcap. These games aren’t terrible, but they don’t hold up to a standandard they should. Microtransactions, very little new gameplay, texture downgrade I would say. Same with PvZ 3. :\

Did PvZ turned into a Battle Royale game?

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The only thing I don’t want: Keys bought from ca$h

This game got very positive reviews from our staff and they know the best, so stop hating our super cool and fun games.

EA is really trying to be remembered as the worst gaming company, but I think EA doesn’t even stand a chance against the mighty 2K.

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If you know Yongyea, his video about this was just… he was visibly sad and disapponted, depressing. I would say.

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I watched that video and I also noticed that. He almost looked like he was depressed.

Damn, too bad one of the games I am anticipating the most this year which is Borderlands 3, is also involved with a drama because of the publisher.

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I mean ,when you do his job, you should get used to stuff like this, but I’ve never seen him like that. You know crap is going down when people react like this.

Besides, that video is glorifying in-game gambling so much, that it almost looks like a joke or something unreal. If I didn’t know it is legit, I would be sure it’s some sort of april fools joke.

But yea, YongYea is almost always calm and cool, even when he talks about shitty stuff happening in the game industry. But even he didn’t expect that much sht going on.

And for a good reason, the gaming industry after this will still insist that lootboxes or pegi 3 games don’t contain gambling.

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