More Events

I think that Galactic cup is a cool event, but I think we need more. My examples are:

-Double key event: one a month (or some time) for a whole day or some hours we can get double keys for completing a mission, but to be fair not from Key rush or selling food

-Damage multiplayer event: sometimes for some time one weapon or some weapons of one type gets damage increased

-Black Fiday: I think I don’t have to explain

-Halloween: Double food

-Christmas: Random chance to spawn extra food/key


I would say once a month for 1-2 days

I would say the damages multiplies for only normal missions, and it will be the least used weapon (except moron railgun)

I dont think the keys // chl will cost lower, but as the same as double keys, once a moth for 1-2 days

these won’ be happening as i know

8/10 sugestion

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