Mono sound mode

Mono mode in sound settings.
I suggest adding a mono sound option. One of my speakers is not working right now, which means I can’t hear the sound effects on the right side of the screen. This option would solve my problem


Try this:


Not all of us have Windows 10. :wink:

And I’d actually like to second this - while I appreciate the stereo sounds, I sometimes am in situations where a mono option would be helpful. But it could also be difficult to implement and I won’t be too bothered if it doesn’t happen - I have work arounds, it’s just that an in-game toggle would be handy.

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This is applicable for Windows 7 and above actually. But yea I 3rd this, I’d like to at least have it as an option because otherwise you’d have to adjust the abovementioned settings every time you entered and exited the game

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Really? I thought it was a rare occurrence. But ok, I can add this.


Added to v.38

:medal_sports: Idea


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