Mods for and Powertools and Menus and Bosses for the Chicken Invaders Universe

I think there shall an mods thing for the Game and Powertools to create the Mods and there are Mods at the Mods Menu aka Ultimate Bosses like the Hydra Chicken wiht 3 Heads or like the Universe Chicken or the Owner Chicken whos Ultra op and thats all i have bye.

i think u should all like hit i gave me efferd and plz like this i would be so happy if wee hit 55 likes :sunny::grinning::blush: and plz like his i do really care and im new to the website soo it would be super cool if someone apreacijeads me

I don’t think its possible to be good at talking if you can’t write.
Anyway, this boss lacks substance. No attacks, it just spams a chicken breed we know nothing about.

100 likes is straight impossible (Not enough users) , and no effort was put in, it seems. Also begging won’t get you anywhere, its just annoying.

I have new Ideas

Unfortunately for you, the engine this game uses is basically not moddable. If you intend moddind tools within the game, we probably won’t even get a wave editor. There’s basically no chance for something like this to happen.

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