Mod Tool Released!

Eh, I’m only using them for “Touhou-rized CIU-H” for now. No worries, future versions won’t include them. (mainly because it means more modding for me to do, and it’ll take forever otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:)

The original version of Touhou-rized CIU doesn’t use your weapon reskins, only Rainbow Beam.


wait, how did you turn the absolver to a rainbow?

Rainbow Beam is a Plasma Rifle Reskin by me. GgWw did the colouring.

Oh, ok

Can you give rainbow Plasma Rifle Reskin mod?

Sorry but no. It’s not for you to take it and claim it as your own.

If you’re wondering what it looks like:

How can I make a mod?

You can’t but you can request people to make a mod for you

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Can you make mod?

I can but I’m busy rn

but when you make a mod you should make a backup of CIU.dat.hq2x

Can someone create my own mod plz? (If you have a mod tool, message with me)

There’s no need to, IAMI already backs your file up

Why not. What kind of mod?

Also me please.

I made it and uploaded it on the Discord server

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Private message please

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