Mod Tool Released!

i think if IA add it to CIU it will be heavy and slower than muller (same what happened to BX spacecrafts)

In my opinion the most expensive type should have 6 Satellite docks, there should be 3 types of it like H&Cs & Müllers, so maybe type 1 should have 4 Satellite docks, type 2 should have 5 docks and their prices should be a little more expensive than Bombers, but I don’t know about the speed thing, I think it should be the normal mouse speed like the original and the firepower should be the same, idk, each type could have a scoring/key/damage percent or something like that, however I wish when IA add Hen Solo he would give it a new ability like Bombers and yeah, that’s it I guess.

I don’t remember much, I just checked old posts.


i think weight is 6k, so it would a bit slower, but not too slow

Maybe, but he wasn’t slow at CI4.

hey, is there any mod that can manipulate the RNG drops for CI2, that would be really cool as i try to speedrun this game and the bad RNG can force me to reset something like 50-66 times before getting good RNG.

  1. The point of speed running is to complete the game as fast as possible with several rules, often changing anything related to game mechanics is restricted.
  2. We aren’t doing mods which can manipulate game process, only visual and audio.

I mean we could make a seperate category for RNG manipulation, so not really impossible to make a leaderboard for it.
Shame we can’t do that still.

I was honestly expecting more mod requests lol

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Maybe sooner there will be more

I still have unfinished request from @KaizoKaioticVN because I asked twice about which music tracks should be replaced and still have no answer ._ .
(Kaizo answer me pls)


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You can just ping him like this: @KaizoKaioticVN
oh wait you already have

dude, he already pinged him

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Stop pls, both.

sorry, I was joking

Seems Like i am not only one who gets blind suddenly these days :laughing: (Actually i am Joking)


Well, some of us are working on mods that take a bit of time. :wink:

I agree though - I thought this topic would be overflowing with “make this plz”.


This mod will replace some of the sounds/soundtracks with Terraria/Terraria Overhaul SFX/soundtrack.

Tip: Turn down your music if you couldn’t hear the sound.

Credits: Relogic, kirbyrocket, ZUN (there’s a reason)

Mod: [Download Button]


Mod does not work in my device but why?