Misty Planets, Environment and Missions

These planets are covered in misty.

There is misty from the beginning of the mission and unlike the ice that you can disappear, misty does not disappear until the end of the mission, these are dangerous environments as not everything is easy to spot!
Variant 1

Variant 2

The full name of the environment is: Misty Territory
And here is an icon of the environment
CIU 2020-12-23 01-25-09-58


it’s literally just a black and white filter though

But in all seriousness:
Frozen environments already do that. Kinda.


g r a m m a r (correct it plz)

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I wonder how this would affect player’s vision after a few games.


Not entirely, I tried to create a misty effect, take a look.

You mean the word “misty”?

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Not sure about this because it’s very similar to Darkness, which we already have.

It does raise the question if perhaps Darkness should be an environmental effect rather than a mission type though. Perhaps on planets that are very distant from stars? That would seem more consistent to me, seeing as it’s an additive “effect” rather than a fundamental gameplay change that warrants a different mission type.

Darkness Ironman oh no


ooooh shiiiiiiii–

I added 2 variant which is more misty and real than black and white.

Basically, mist

We’re back in 1930’s…


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