Missions should have more information

(Bad english)
Some essential information for missions is lacked, I suggest we show hardness level of a mission (trivial, easy, …) and star location where the mission can be found.
Why hardness level of a mission is needed: Different kinds of players don’t like too hard or too easy missions. Some want to do elite missions only. The two difficulty bars are not clear enough to tell us about hardness level of the mission.
Why star location information is needed: Currently the only way I know to share a mission between players is assigning that mission, which is inconvenient. The player that saved the mission can barely remember where the mission is in order to help their friend in finding it. Another solution is to allow player to share missions to their friend.


Well, referring to the difficulty level, you can change the dificulty of the missions yourself, what I mean by that is the chicken’s HP (Hit Points) and your weapon’s damage. The easiest difficulty is Tourist if I recall corectly. Also, the missions themselves show a difficulty bar before you start it, again, if I’m not wrong, along with the lenght of the mission.

But knowing where a mission is, that would be indeed useful, by knowing I mean like having somewhere specified, not like, writing it down yourself.


The difficult level of a mission tells us which medal we’ll get after finish that mission. Except that, yeah it’s not really important.

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