Missions ideas

I don’t know if any of these have been posted before but here goes:

  1. Show % completed different missions in the galaxy when comparing to other players. (Not that I am flexing, but I am) I counted them to be 18452 (excluding the Food Droid Raids). Only missions found in the galaxy would count, not daily, weekly, space race or 120th mission.
  2. On selected mission below “All-time best result” show the name of the player with the highest score on that mission. (Let’s get famous here)

I don’t understand

Liked it. It would be “World Record” or something…

You mean show the number of galaxy missions compeleted\Total number of missions in the galaxy ?

Support, if possible.

Why make casual missions competitive? I think it’s fine to have that competitive feeling only in challenges.

I mean it doesn’t have to be. Just a little extra text and it’s not like you instantly get a reward if you beat somebodys record.

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I don’t understand this. Could you explain more?

I’m surprised no one understands it.

Basically it’d be a stat that shows what percentage of all missions in the galaxy you’ve completed. So you would be able to compare that with other players.

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